Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort by David Pullum

Once again on my quest to rejuvenate my site I came across this image from Polhawn Fort. Tracey and Andrew married at Polhawn Fort in 2013. Polhawn Fort is probably one of the hardest venues I have photographed a wedding at. I have photographed some 40-50 weddings there and everytime the light is different. Inside the Fort the walls are brick red, the windows are tiny and so finding light is tough, using external lighting is tough as well as there are only red brick walls to bounce it of. In the winter the difficulty is magnified as there is no light from 4.30pm onwards. To take good wedding photographs there is difficult to say the least, of course you can just throw a load of flash at it but then the ambience of the Fort disappears.

There is also a beautiful private beach at Polhawn Fort that the couples can access. This image was captured as Andrew helped Tracey across a tricky part of the rocks. I love the way Andrew is offering his hand to help Tracey and from a nerdy photographers point of view its a moment because they have not touched hands as yet. Once they touch hands the moment has gone. I know that sounds crazy, but its true, the image is based on the tension of Andrew helping Tracey, once he has her secure that moment has gone forever. Its tiny if not miniscule details that I look for at every wedding to create and provide my clients with the best wedding photographs I possibly can

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