Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK 2020, as voted for by SLR Lounge, a post by David Pullum.

In these really tough times, its lovely to receive an email from SLR Lounge telling me I have been placed in the Top 100 UK Wedding Photographers. SLR Lounge is a well respected photography website dedicated to training, workshops and reviews and the email highlighted the extent that the process to determine this list went to.

I’m under no illusion. I am not a new kid on the block. My website is not plastered with instagram filtered images of bride and grooms in Iceland or some such place. I don’t use the work “super” or “awesome” anywhere on my site and quite frankly I know I’m a bit of an elder statesman in this industry.

BUT… I can still take a bloody good wedding photograph, and thanks to the judges of this particular award they were able to see this from the vast array of images on my site and social media channels.

It fills me with huge pride that for 16 years now I have been producing work that not only my clients love , but that also appeals to people who were never at the wedding. Judges look at wedding photographs completely differently from Brides and Grooms.

Judges are looking for technical aspects that make a great photograph, whether that be composition, moment, or light. So to appeal to both client and judge is something that I am very proud of, and something that keeps my desire burning to constantly produce better images.

Thank you to all of those at SLR Lounge for this award, its a great honour and a really lovely pick me up.

To view more of my work please follow the gallery links here.

Stay safe everyone.


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