Stoodleigh Court wedding of Kylie and Andrew, showcasing some of the best wedding photographs by David Pullum a Devon wedding photographer

Andrew and Kylie came down to the West Country to be married close to where Kylie’s parents live. Andrew is a Producer for the BBC and has a keen photographic eye, in fact I have seen a couple of weddings he has shot and they were both very good, so the pressure was on. That and it seemed half the BBC cameramen were also present at the wedding 🙂

Stoodleigh is a very impressive house just outside of Tiverton, it does however also provide photographers with some very tricky light, with its vibrant red walls and oak panelling. For the first time in my wedding photography life the registrars were late for the ceremony, really late, and poor Kylie was left waiting upstairs whilst everyone waited for the registrars to turn up. Eventually they arrived and the rest of the day went really smoothly. Here are a few of my favourites from their day at Stoodleigh Court


fantastic prep shots, David.

dude, your wide shots ae always on the spot, I admire that from you a lot! great wed!

awesome david! love all the prep ones, especially where she’s blinking with one eye into the mirror, and the silhouettes with the pink sky are gorgeous! well done!

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