Jumeirah Carlton Tower Wedding as photographed by David Pullum, a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing weddings across the country.

In 15 years of photographing weddings this was my first visit to Jumeirah Carlton Towers to photograph the magnificent wedding of Alexis and Josh. The Jumeirah is a really lovely hotel, right in the heart of Kensington and large enough to host weddings of over 200 quite easily.

Before I wax lyrical about the amazing bride and groom, the lighting for the ceremony was exquisite. The whole chuppah was backlit with quite strong lighting that seemed to reflect off either the chuppah itself or the flowers and perfectly lit the couple. No flash needed at all and I love the feel of these images.

Unfortunately for all of us the weather was horrible, only at the last minute did Alexis decide to brave the elements for some pictures outside, a very bold move considering her quite beautiful dress and the damage that the wet pavement could have done.

Israeli Dancing

The boys, as is normal these days were really into their Israeli dancing, and the energy is certainly reflected in these pictures. The ceiling in parts of the ballroom is quite low and for one horrible moment it looked as if Josh may well be thrown too high, but luckily for him his boys refrained and he came out the other end in one piece.

I love to photograph emotion whether it be joyful or in some cases quite sad. Its important not to be too intrusive, either by using an excessive amount of lighting or generally by just being in the way. Blending in with the wedding guests, and not dictating what happens during the day enables me to get images that are timeless and moreover meaningful. The greatest compliment to receive is that the couple, their families and guests did not even know I was there, which then makes the presentation of the images even better when they see shots they didn’t expect to see.

Social Media

Weddings are private events, and to me its important that I respect this. I want my bride and groom to see the chuppah for the first time when they walk down the aisle and the ballroom when they make their grand entrance. All too often these days I am able to see the wedding before the couple on Instagram or Facebook which is a real shame. I know that the whole point of social media is to get your followers to have an understanding of who you, but for me that will not be to the detriment of my couples big day.

This past month or so I have really pushed my Sony’s to the limit, having shot at some really dark venues of late. The performance and quality of this camera is really quite incredible. The whole set up is smaller than I am used to, but really does pack a punch. I love the colours that I’m getting too, especially straight out of the camera and it goes without saying that the benefits to my back were worth the change alone.

Below are just a few previews from Alexis and Josh’s jewish wedding at Jumeirah Carlton Towers.

David Pullum has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2018


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