Jenna and Jonny’s Jewish Wedding at Sopwell House as photographed by David Pullum

Jenna and Johnny were married at the wonderful Sopwell House venue just outside of London. I have had the privilege of photographing a Jewish Wedding at Sopwell House before and it never fails to amaze me how each wedding can be so different at this venue.
This was somewhat of a first for me recently in that I had never met either the bride or the groom before the wedding. Normally I make a point of meeting all of my couples and their parents before the wedding day, but on this occasion our diaries just could not find a date where we all could meet.

I need not have worried though, Jenna and Johnny were so outgoing and fun that we clicked almost immediately and the day flew by. Sopwell House is such a great venue that the whole wedding can be held in the hotel beginning with Jenna’s preparations all the way through to the ceremony and the reception.

The reason I love photographing weddings can be seen in these images, from the grandmother entering the bedeken room and Jenna’s reaction to that, the small ring bearer and Johnny’s reaction to that, to the energy on the dance floor in the evening. All of these emotions are captured, you only get one shot at nailing these and thats what excites me and pushes me constantly to better myself.

Thanks go to Philip Small catering, and Muzika Band for providing such great backdrops to the photographs.


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