Best 50 Wedding Photographers in England and UK

An absolute please to be voted as one of the best 50 wedding photographers in the UK by Gohen, To be placed in this list of 50 photographers is really quite some achievement, when the list used to be the Top 10 there were probably one tenth of the number of wedding photographers around. Whilst it was still an honour back then it shows to me that even in today there is an appreciation of quality and consistency. A vast 15 year portfolio is not easily achieved, I would hazard a guess that I am probably the oldest photographer on that list, but who cares, age is a number, I still go to every wedding hoping amongst hope that I get a better image than I did last week. Its a bit like the cliché definition of insanity, where I go out week after week trying to get something different or better than the week before, the reality is that 1 in 100 times I will, and its that 1 chance that still keeps me motivated to this day.

So am I one of the Best 50 wedding photographers in the UK ? Who knows, its someones opinion, but its nice to be recognised, and especially in our 15th year of photographing weddings.

Thank you to Gohen for putting me in this list, its an honour to be amongst other like minded photographers. To read the blog post follow the link entitled Best 50 Wedding Photographers in England and UK