So, you are a destination wedding photographer as well? What’s involved?

This is a question I get asked quite often. So, you are having your wedding somewhere normally hotter than England and you want to fly me out to photograph your wedding, but you don’t really want to have to worry about booking all the relevant flights, hire car and hotel, which I totally get. So I make it really simple, all you need to do is decide if I am the right photographer for you, and if you are still in two minds take a look at some of my client testimonials, that will convince you..Once you have made that decision you don’t even have to choose a package as I don’t have any. Gone are the days of Gold silver and bronze wedding packages, I have just the one.

I promise to be there, I will photograph your wedding by starting 3 hours before the ceremony and I will be there until the end of the evening ( destination weddings only). I figure whilst I am there I may as well stay and shoot as much as possible, there’s no point shooting for 8 hours and then going back to my hotel room.

I arrange all the travel, accommodation and hire car, and I choose the most cost effective way, no business class flights, normally a cheap airbnb and a small runaround car, if needed. I will present all of my finding to you for approval and that it, done. You don’t have to babysit me, I have been doing destination weddings since 2005 and I know that there are vendors that quite frankly can’t organise themselves let alone getting on a plane, book a room and get transport, but with me there is no need to worry, I’ll be there no matter what and you dont even have to think about me, I will keep you updated on when I arrive and normally I will meet you the day/night before just to say hello.

I have photographed weddings in America and most of Europe, Ive always been there, always ready to shoot. To see more of my destination weddings follow the link, and if you dont believe me read what my clients say.



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