Fanhams Hall Wedding as photographed by David Pullum

This was my first wedding at Fanhams Hall, a beautiful venue just outside London, that caters for both the ceremony and reception. So, on a beautiful summers day Lydia and Anoush got married. Anoush booked me after having been a guest a Emma and Daniel’s Savoy Hotel Wedding back in 2015 and it was great to see them both there.

A moving ceremony was followed by some hilarious speeches, with Anoush getting roasted by his best man, and his dad…..

Word of mouth bookings, for me, are always some of the best bookings I get. Either the couple have seen me at a wedding before or have seen my photographs of their friends work and like what they see. One of the most important aspects of booking a wedding photographer is to ask yourself ” can I be in this persons company for 10-12 hours?”. Its a really important question to ask, of course the images are important too, everyone has a camera these days, but no everyone can take a picture. If you can combine pictures and personality into one and the clients appreciate that then all is good.

I have photographed weddings for the last 15 years, and always said its my personality that gets me the work, when I met Anoush and Lydia, about 2 weeks before their wedding, we clicked. On the day it was easy, they understood what I do, were happy to let me do my job and we had great fun doing it.

Congratulations to them both, thank you for booking me and it was an honour to photograph your wedding.


What a stunning bride and venue! Lovely set of photos.

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