Chateau Le Pouget Wedding as photographed by David Pullum

It was a real privilege to be asked by Natalia to photographer her and Tor’s wedding in France. I photographed Natalia’s sister Alexia’s wedding at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London a few years back and so it was lovely to be back to photograph another wedding for the family.

The wedding weekend started with a party in the grounds of the Chateau on Friday night, the theme being “your childhood”. All of the guests wore fancy dress and there were a host of games from childhood years to entertain everybody, including a huge bouncy castle and a strongman hammer contraption which went down very well with the men.

The wedding itself was held in the chateau grounds, the backdrop being a field of sunflowers that the couple had requested the chateau owner plant some weeks before. I dont know much about sunflowers but apparently there is not a lot of science behind whether they would grow in time and even face the right way, but as luck had it they did both.

The party that followed the wedding was equally spectacular. The couples favourite band was flown in from Scandinavia and the chateau was lit to display all its splendour. All in all quite a superb weekend.

A huge Thank you to Anna Walmsley Events who planned and produced the wedding and looked after me during my stay.


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