Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort

Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort by David Pullum Google “Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort” and you will get a whole host of wedding photographers websites which can be very daunting. so who is the “Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort”. The answer is simple, no-one is better than anyone else, that question is purely subjective. My style of photography is to keep it real, to get the emotions of the day. That is recognised as the hardest form of…

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15 years old

15 years ago I photographed my first ever wedding. To be honest it was pretty bad, but the bride liked it and it was the beginning of the steepest learning curve I have ever been on. Back in 2003 the internet was in its infancy, Youtube had not been invented so how on earth was I going to learn how to be a photographer without the aid of countless, worthless videos? Back in those days there were probable…

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Jewish Wedding Langham Hotel | Charlotte and Rodney

Jewish Wedding Langham Hotel by David Pullum a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing weddings. Charlotte contacted me as I photographed her cousin Hannah’s destination wedding in the south of France last year. She had a few dates that they were looking at but settled for late March at The Langham Hotel London. The Langham Hotel is a beautiful venue and I had had the pleasure of photographing quite a few weddings there over…

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West Wycombe Park Wedding | Kerri and Bill

West Wycombe Park Wedding by David Pullum a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing weddings across the country. Britain was hit by two cold weather fronts in March making travelling to a from weddings very difficult. The snow fell heavily the night before and on the day of Kerri and Bill’s wedding causing havoc on the roads, but when a wedding is planned so far in advance it must go on and so it…

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Sony A9 for Wedding Photographers ?

When I first started photographing weddings I actually shot with Bronica square format, but when I transitioned to digital I dived straight into Canon with the 10D, 20D and then 5D with associated L lenses. At that time the Canon in my personal opinion was the best set up I could afford. I stayed with Canon until Nikon released the D750. The D750 was lighter, had a better focusing system and all in all I considered it to…

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