Best wedding photographer South West , a post by David Pullum

Of course its always an honour to be included on a list, especially after 15 years of photographing weddings and having been included on many, its great still to receive recognition for all the hard work that goes into every couple and every photograph. Times have changed, I can see that, and we have had to adapt to that, but one thing I will not compromise on is my integrity, my devotion to my clients. I don’t photograph vast amounts of weddings, or have photographers that photograph under my name. Each client is individual, each image is worked on individually, no presets here.

Sure, all of that takes longer than most, and we certainly don’t shoot a wedding and then present the client with images a week later. To produce images to the level that we do takes time, up to 4 weeks normally. Our process , our products are all aligned with each other to produce the best images in the best albums and on the best USB’s 🙂

It goes without saying that I am honoured to be not only on the list, but at the top of the list for best wedding photographers in the South West. Thats a vast area, even to be considered is an achievement, but to be at the top fills me with pride.

The last 15 years have been tough, pushing our business on a daily basis to greater heights, to constantly evolve to constantly learn and educate ourselves, sometimes in aspects of the business we love and sometimes in those we detest.

A link to the the best wedding photographer in the South West is below, along with some words about us and how we work

Top Photographers in the South West

David Pullum has also recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2018


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