Winter Weddings Claridges Hotel as photographed by David Pullum

Its always a bit more unnerving working for photographers when they get married. I have photographed a few wedding photographers weddings, but never fashion photographers, and so it was a real honour to photograph Liz and Jason’s wedding, whose company is BOY|GIRL.

Of course Claridges is also an exceptional venue, steeped in history, with incredible attention to detail the hotel always manages to host the perfect wedding. Preparations started in the morning for Liz in one of Claridges suites, with the ceremony in the ballroom. I always love the challenge of a winter wedding, low light, sometimes harsh directional light, but the challenge is always to balance the light, not overpower it and not leave that muddy looking affect that is associated with pure ambient photography. My vision is to make my subjects pop from the background and not merge into it. Portraits are again a challenge, anything outside in the afternoon is in the dark, so I try use a mixture of lighting depending on where we are and what ambient light I have to work with.

I really enjoyed working with Liz and Jason, meeting their families and friends and telling the story of their day. Being photographers themselves they were happy to let me photograph their day as I saw it and hopefully I produced some shots that reflect their day, their personalities and their happiness.


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