Barnsley House Winter Wedding Photographer | Sam and Jamie

Barnsley House Winter Wedding Photographer by David Pullum a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing wedding across the country

Samantha and Jamie live and work in Hong Kong, Samantha’s family live in Canada and Jamie’s in England. So guests from around the globe flew in for this wedding at the wonderful Barnsley House. Getting married in the winter is not everyone’s cup of tea, however Samantha had always dreamed of a winter wedding in the UK. The ceremony was at the beautiful church that is just around the corner, its so beautiful in fact that the vicar is really protective of it and wont let any photographers take pictures of it whilst inside…………..The evening reception was pretty wild, bankers really know how to let their hair down and enjoy the festivities.

David Pullum

David Pullum

David Pullum is a London Wedding Photographer with over 15 years experience
David Pullum
  1. Paul Atherton

    ah the good old vicar – dont you love ’em !! Very nice images.

  2. What a great (!!!!!) job, man! I really love this work.

  3. Rosie Parsons

    Love the black and white portrait and the party looks like it was wild!