A wedding just a few miles from where I lived for nearly 12 years, back in the heart of Essex for Jo and Pat’s wedding at Forest School. Both Jo and Pat went to this school and so decided that there was really nowhere better to have their wedding ceremony and reception than the chapel at the school and the magnificent halls.

I spent 12 years living in Essex and working in London and I loved my time there. The people are down to earth and say what they see, of course recently the whole TOWIE brigade have slightly diminished my views, but Jo and Pat are the sort of couple I love working for. “Do what you do best”, “no direction from us” and “yes a few formals will do”. The perfect wedding for me, no constraints, do whatever you like and show our story through your eyes was my brief.

So on a freezing cold morning Jo arrived at the Chapel to get married. The ceremony was performed by the Chaplin of the school, a wonderful ceremony in a beautiful, yet dark, chapel. The halls reminded me of the Harry Potter films, huge ceilings, plenty of wood, candles and a fantastic ambience. The evening entertainment was a mixture of Jazz, Blues, Swing and then to finish the evening the DJ Artful Dodger ” did his thing”.

Then to top it all I bumped into Larry, an old work colleague of mine when i was a currency broker in London. We had not seen each other since 2003 and it was great to catch up.

All in all a really fantastic day, weddings in Essex yet again prove to be one of my favourites.


Great photos! You have captured lots of amazing moments!

Victoria Christophe

Absolutely beautiful work! Love it!

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