Wedding Photographer St Audries Park: Mel and Oliver’s trampoline.

I have photographed in excess of 50 weddings at St Audries Park and whilst I have recently been refreshing my website with images I came across this image from one of the weddings I photographed at St Audries Park.

The image was from Mel and Oliver’s wedding at St Audries Park back in 2008, almost 10 years ago. Of course time has flown since then, but this image, to me, has not dated at all. I had been photographing wedding for just about 4 years then, and this was a first for me, a trampoline at a wedding. Oliver was a trampoline instructor, as well as a very good trampolinist, and so during the drinks reception guests could use the trampoline and I had the task of trying to photograph them.

Of course I’m not a sports photographer, thats a different skill altogether, and so after failing to get an images in focus I decided to trying and pre focus on a point and wait. That’s also easier said and done, but after I reviewed all the images of the trampoline session this one stood out a mile.

I personally love the composition of the image with the legs at the top of the image, the guests looking up at him and of course all of this set to a backdrop of the wonderful wedding venue St Audries Park. The wedding picture also highlights what I personally believe in with regard to wedding photography and that is that wedding photographs need to be different to stand out from the masses. There are hundreds if not thousands of wedding photographers in the UK, and what distinguishes each one is their style. The original post for this wedding at St Audries Park is here . To see more of my work please feel free to browse my website.


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