Villa Padierna wedding photography

Villa Padierna wedding photography: Salena and Stefan

I have known Salena for almost 5 years, she sings in the showband Muzika, who I have worked with on many occasions in London and now abroad. Salena always promised me that the day Stefan proposed to her I would be shooting her wedding. Late last year he proposed and the wedding was set for September at the amazing Villa Padierna in Marbella. I arrived in Spain on Tuesday, after an intense week of weddings to start my coverage with the beach party. The party started off very sedately and soon warmed up once the sun went down, eventually finishing at around 3.00am.

After a day of rest, it was time to shoot the wedding. Spain in late August , early September is hot to say the least. i have never shot in these type of conditions before and it was a real eye opener. Luckily for me I had a native with me. Jeremy Standley, a wedding photographer in Marbella, and a very good one at that, was there to help me, keep me hydrated and drag me through the hottest part of the day.

To say we both enjoyed it was an understatement, both families were unbelievably welcoming, friends were friendly and it was really a great experience to hang around such nice people for 3 days.

David Pullum

David Pullum

David Pullum is a London Wedding Photographer with over 10 years experience
David Pullum
David Pullum

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  1. Great pictures. Beautiful wedding. You have a talent!

  2. Daniel

    Great! David your photos are pretty amazing 🙂 Best!

  3. Chip Radoslavov

    Wow, beautiful wedding!!! The venue, the dress, the bride – everything! Nice work!

  4. Catherine

    These images are true art and will be part of lasting memories for all.