Rupa’s father runs a design company, and I first spoke with him via email and then by phone, he was clear and succinct about what he wanted from a photographer and after our first call, he booked. We both had exactly the same ideas about what good wedding photography was, moment, emotion, story and family. For me a wedding is just not about following the latest photography trends, adding actions, cutting of peoples heads and appealing to other photographers. For me its about being true to my clients, to show the love between the couple, the relationships between the families and telling the real story of the day through my eyes. For me anyway , and I think for my clients thats what real, true wedding photography is about. Its about producing images that in 30 years time the clients will look back at with fondness, with memories, and not with regret.

Rupa and Garrath’s wedding had it all, emotion, plenty of moments and a great story, both of the day and the story that Garrath read as part of his speech. Everything came together on one day to produce a story that I was very honoured to be part of, and to be able to tell that story with my camera, and to produce images for Rupa and Garrath that in years to come with still have the same impact then as they do today.

Of course The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn also provides its own sense of history and its a wonderful backdrop for any wedding, especially the coming together of two different religions, Rupa and her family being Hindu and Garrath being Christian. I always thinks its a wonderful thing for Christian people to experience the customs of any cultural wedding, and Hindu weddings certainly provide so many different customs within the actual wedding ceremony as well as welcoming of the brides family before and the games afterwards.

Rupa and Garraths wedding at The Sculpture Gallery certainly was very memorable and I hope the images do that justice.


Beautiful work David! Love the shot of the hands.

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