Every wedding is unique. I have photographed weddings that have taken two hours to those that have lasted for two days. As such I don’t restrict your wedding day to a set amount of hours. I work on a bespoke basis to provide you with the coverage that you require.

My standard pricing starts at £1600 and includes:

  • My attendance
  • A USB of high resolution images without watermark
  • An online Gallery and slideshow for viewing
  • Options to buy fabulous albums and prints after the wedding
  • Options for pre wedding and post wedding photography




Do you photograph family formals?

Absolutely, these are still one of the most important type of photograph to have at your wedding. They are a record of your family and of those that attended your wedding. Whilst I choose not to show any on my portfolio, they still remain a very important part of our coverage. I have a fantastic system in place that means the family photographs can normally be photographed in 15 minutes.

Do you photograph details?

Yes, again for all the reasons above details are important, we do not go overboard on them , but we aim to photograph all of those details that you have spent time creating and sourcing. I photograph them as I find them, if you would like specific details photographed on the day, please just let me know.

Do you photograph couple shots?

We set aside time for 2 sets of couple shots, the first set are normally photographed during the drinks reception and takes a maximum of 15 minutes.
The second set is photographed at a time that most suits the timings of your day. We will work with you before the wedding to analyse your timings and decide upon the best time to photograph this second set.

What can we do with the High Resolution Images?

By purchasing the High Resolution files, I am effectively giving you permission to print them, you can also email and share with friends. Some labs require written documentation before they will print these and if thats the case please just send me a message and I will send over the necessary documents.

You live far away from us, how do we meet you?

A lot of our couples are busy people, however we love to meet our clients before their special day, whether that be in person via Skype or Google Hangout, we will definitely try to schedule this in.

Do you travel?

I travel throughout the UK and Europe and further afield if required.

Do you have the necessary insurance?

Absolutely, like any professional service I am fully covered.

How do we proceed with a booking?

To secure your date first use the contact page to touch base, we will then send you an online contract and quote. Once your booking fee is received your date is then confirmed.
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What was different about your connection to David than to other photographers ?

I met David at one of my best friends' wedding, when I was a bridesmaid and it was the instant connection I had with him that made me know he would be the right photographer for me for when my day would arrive. He has a very specific style, but I loved his confidence and expertise - he knows exactly what works in every setting. He has a fun sense of humour, which makes him a pleasure to work with. 



Take us through the moment when you knew David was the right photographer ?

David showed us two set of pictures from weddings he had recently shot.  His artistry was instantly apparent.  There was nothing canned or conventional about his work.  He captured the emotion of the people involved and the mood and feel of the setting.  He was creative in his use of distance and perspective.  He shot from unusual angles and brilliantly captured the spirit of the moment. 
David was also incredibly respectful of our privacy and space, never encroaching. He works in the subtlest of ways and yet still gets the killer shot. 



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