I thought 2010 was unique, a wedding in Kitzbuhel surely was a one off. Well in 2011 just after Christmas I had 2 wedding in Kitzbuhel, recommended by last years wedding planners. I was excited and slightly hesitant, last year I failed to get my plane out of Innsbruck as there was too much snow in Gatwick. This time we failed to get our plane from Innsbruck because there too much snow in Innsbruck. However, that did not spoil what were 2 fantastic weddings. Gareth and Sara married at the local town hall, Austrian wedding ceremonies are slightly different than ours with dancing at the end of the ceremony rounding off a really intimate wedding.

We then headed to the slopes where Gareth and Sara and their guests went skiing for an hour and then onto Streifalm for a meal and some traditional Austrian dancing. The dancing was interesting to say the least, a little wrong in some places , but everyone had a great time. Thank you to Gareth and Sara and their family and friends for making both myself and my family very welcome and for making us all feel part of their wedding day.


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