Rosewood Hotel Wedding | Sophie and Ben

Rosewood Hotel Wedding of Sophie and Ben as photographed by David Pullum

Sophie and Ben were married last Sunday in London with their reception at the Rosewood Hotel in London. I love winter weddings in London as their is always magical lighting from the surrounding buildings that spills onto the streets, making what could be difficult low light into interestingly lit images.

Sophie arrived at The Central Synagogue bridesmaids and was rushed into the Bedekken Room whilst the men had their Tisch. Once the ceremony finished all of the friends and family made their way to The Rosewood for an evening of celebration and partying.

I first me Sophie and Ben at Jess and Ed’s Banqueting House wedding last year and subsequently at other wedding I have photographed, and so it was really great to have met both of them a few times before their wedding. Its always a real bonus for me to meet my clients before I photograph their wedding, as they are spending a whole day with me and its imperative that they feel comfortable around me and are not put off by the camera at all. Sophie and Ben were fantastic, a real pleasure to work for and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

Sophie and Ben are currently on honeymoon , but found time to send me some comments on their previews

“Thank you for these. They look great. You have certainly whet our appetite to see more!!”

David Pullum

David Pullum

David Pullum is a London Wedding Photographer with over 15 years experience
David Pullum
  1. David Morgan

    Hi Dave, hope you’re well. Some good shots here mate. Take care, David