Nonsuch Mansions wedding by David Pullum, a wedding photographer with over 15 years experience

Great to be back at Nonsuch Mansions for the wedding of Rosie and Jack. Its been nearly 6 years since I last photographed a wedding at Nonsuch Mansions and Roie and Jack’s wedding was one of two I photographed that weekend.

Rosie and Jack are friends with Nick and Charlie, whose wedding I photographed at The Corinthia Hotel in London a couple of years ago. In fact Jack was Nick’s best man and so all roles were reversed for Jack’s with Nick stepping up to the plate.

The weather in the UK has been unprecedented this year, we have had intensely hot days and nights for some weeks now, and this day was no different. As a photographer I would obviously prefer to work in slightly cooler conditions, but also the sun in England in very harsh and it can often be a battle to make sure that it doesn’t produce those nasty shadows you see so often in photographs.

Like most if not all my couples Rosie and Jack wanted natural images with not too many staged images, they wanted their wedding images to reflect their day in an honest , unscripted way, which is music to my ears. I believe my work is unique, in that trends come and go, and I have never been one to follow those trends. I have remained honest to my couples, consistently producing images that are timeless and always show the love my couples have for one another. To maintain these levels over 15 years is hard work, but well worth it.

What I love about Christian weddings in particular is the time that I get with my couples. At some weddings I’m lucky if I get 15 minutes for the couple shots, and whilst I can still get great images in that time its always nice to have a bit longer to fully relax the couple and get them used to having their picture taken. With Rosie and Jack I had about 30 minutes, which was fantastic and really enabled me to get a variety of images for them.

Nick’s speech was of course great, and damning at the same time, and of course went down well with all the guests, and on a day that was hot from start to finish we managed to sneak out and attempt to get the last rays of sun as it disappeared below the horizon.

David Pullum has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2018


Beautiful use of light and some lovely framing in this set!

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