Once a client, always a client. Newborn baby photographs by David Pullum, who has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2019

Hannah and Andrew were married in 2017, baby Noah was born just a few weeks ago. Hannah called me just after his birth and asked me if I knew any newborn baby photographers, preferable ones that didn’t put the baby in a whicker basket dangling from a studio roof. A photographer who could take more natural meaningful photographs of their newborn boy. HELLO….

So less than 1 week later I travelled to Hannah and Andrew’s house in London to photograph them with Noah. I am not one for a studio equipment, preferring almost always to use natural light. Just give me one window and i’ll be able to produce some images for you. As it happened Hannah’s house is bathed in light and so began the 1 hour shoot.

I have photographed families a lot, normally parents with young children. It’s a challenge of course, like any other photography assignment. The children are normally quite manic and it can be difficult to get the exact picture that I am looking for.

A newborn? Well its like photographing still life. It’s quite incredible. You may have to break for the odd feed, but then the feeding process makes the baby even more tired and easier to photograph.

I had a ball, I loved that I had time to get my shots, to get the exact shots in fact. It was an incredible session and one that I am so glad I did.

For more information on Newborn baby photographs please do feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.


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