Muslim Wedding Photography London

Muslim Wedding Photography London is one of my favourite events and below are some tips and explanations as to why.
Renaissance Hotel is in London, it has become one of London’s most high end wedding venues and caters for both large and small weddings. This Renaissance Hotel Wedding was a Muslim wedding, but Renaissance Hotel caters for all religions, including Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and Chinese faiths.
London Hotels are wonderful places to get married, most are now licensed as wedding venues to perform the ceremony as well as host the reception. Many bride and grooms now choose to get married in a destination wedding House. I have photographed weddings in hotels as far afield as America, Brazil, Mexico and most of Europe. As long as there is a hotel there that caters to weddings and your guests are all fine with travel, it can be the perfect setting for your wedding.

The Renaissance Hotel venue makes everything much more convenient. Most hotels will have a bridal suite where the bride and bridesmaids can go to get ready for the ceremony or just to relax. If they conduct ceremonies, there will be a dedicated room for the ceremony which should look lovely if you choose a really nice hotel. The reception will then be held in a room that is big enough to fit all the tables you need for the number of guests, plus have a dance floor and bar. The bride and groom can stay in a honeymoon suite after the festivities while guests who choose to stay can book their own rooms. The morning after, the happy couple can have breakfast with their loved ones in a formal dining area.

Fancier hotels are accustomed to holding many weddings, you will find that most of them have wedding packages of their own. They will generally charge per person, making it easier for you to work it out in your budget. If the cost will be too high for the number of guests you had in mind, try trimming the guest list to make it affordable. 5 Star hotels are known for their excellent service and choosing one to hold your wedding will be no exception. Many of these top notch hotels will provide a wedding planner to help you every step of the way. If they don’t use their own vendors for things like flowers, decorations, wedding cake and entertainment, they are sure to have some great recommendations.

As a Renaissance St Pancras Wedding Photographer I highly recommend this wedding venue.