Longstowe Hall Wedding Photographer, a post by David Pullum that features the wedding of Zoe and Gareth.

David has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2019

Gareth is a wedding photographer from the Bristol area and contacted me some time ago asking if I was available to photograph his wedding to Zoe at the beautiful Longstowe Hall in Cambridge.

So one Friday night a few weeks ago I made the journey from Exeter to Cambridge, a mere 5 hours by car to my hotel just a few miles from where Zoe was getting ready. Some people think I am mad travelling around the country for wedding, but I actually love driving. Our lives these days are consumed by social media, our phones are like an extension of our hands, and to be able to sit in the car for a few hours without the use of my phone and listen to either my rather naff taste in music, or podcasts is actually very therapeutic.

Running a wedding photography business in an age where most of the major social apps love photographic content can get a bit tiresome after a while. I prefer to communicate with my potential clients via a phone call rather than hoping to catch them via a post on Instagram…

Anyhow, this wedding was what I call a good old fashioned English wedding. One of my favourite types. Bridal prep in a hotel. Then a short trip to the church for the ceremony and then a marquee wedding reception. I cant tell you how much I love that set up for a wedding.

I’m a huge fan of weddings in ceremonial buildings, whether that be Christian, Jewish, Greek or Asian, you just cant beat the ambience that these majestical buildings create, and as luck would have it Gareth and Zoe also were blessed with a vicar that didn’t hate photographers. This was definitely going to be a great day.

Zoe and Gareth were fantastic to work with, their families made me feel so welcome, and it was a real honour to be there to photograph their special day.

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