Over the last few months I have shot a fair bit of personal work, most of which is of my family. Last year was a bit of a wake up call for me, spending long periods of time away from home and missing my kids grow up.

So during January and February I only had 1 wedding and spent some great weekends watching Dillon play football, taking Max to the beach and generally spending more time with all of them. I also, foolishly some may say, decided to start developing my own black and white film from my Leica M6. With scan and develop prices at between £11-13 its not cheap to shoot film. Second hand darkroom equipment is cheap though and Anita, my wife, has been very understanding and patient, especially when the Marutt drying cabinet turned up. So, its been an interesting few months, and below are just a few of my attempts.


Hope you are well. Perhaps see you sometime but till then will keep looking at your photographs. Fan!

No Tom, this is just all personal photographs

Really nice David. But does this mean you have moved away from the 5D?

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