Landmark Hotel Wedding as photographed by David Pullum

Dont ever lose your keys at a wedding……After 14 years of shooting wedding, just over 600 in total, I haven’t ever misplaced anything at a wedding. Well my time was up at Katie and Jonny’s wedding as I left my car keys in the synagogue and didn’t realise until the wedding ended that I hadn’t got them. A few mad panics, a late hotel room booking, and a quick dash to the synagogue at 8.30am the following morning and I managed to get my keys and avoid a huge parking fine, and finally head home.

So, what of the wedding? Katie and Jonny were married at Dennington Park Road Synagogue back in October. It’s a majestic building both inside and out, allowing for great vantage points for pictures during the ceremony. After the ceremony we made our way to The Landmark Hotel for the reception. I have been lucky enough this year to photograph at this hotel a few times and its always a pleasure to return.

The guests were entertained by the fabulous Creation Band, who are fast becoming one of my favourite showbands. They manage to keep the tempo high throughout the night as well interact with the guests at every opportunity.

As for the happy couple, an absolute pleasure to work with. I always find that when I meet the couple before the wedding, whether that be at the initial booking stage or even a few weeks before the dig day, it makes my job so much easier , as it does for them. Being photographed for the whole day can, I imaging, be quite nerve racking, and as I have stressed so many times before, my job is as much people management as it is taking the pictures. You only get great images if your clients allow you to. Invading a couples personal space is a tough job, but if the couple trust you and like you then the skies the limit. I hope Katie and Jonny felt both, their images certainly indicate they did.

Thank you to both families for trusting me, and making me feel so very welcome at the wedding.


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