Austrian Destination Wedding Photographer David Pullum photographs the wedding of Lucie and Max’s wedding at Arosa, Kitzbuhel.

Lucie and Max were married at Arosa, a simply stunning venue in Kitzbuhel, Austria, here are just some previews for now.


Very, very impressive David. We all take the occasional showstopper but to see so many consistently inspiring images is clear evidence of a master photographer at work. I suspect you’ll be having a very successful 2011. Wishing you all the best, David

I really like your wide angle shots. Well done reportage.

Dorset Wedding Photographer

Beautiful images charged with emotion. Real pleasure to view – inspiring work !!

Hi David im a friend of Lucie. Have just seen some of the pics of her wedding. I have seen some pictures of other photagraphers in australia and these are by far the best pictures i have seen. Congrats on your work. Lucie would be so happy with these.

YOU ARE A LEGEND – THANKS SO MUCH. David, I could look at these shots over and over again (and every time I look at them again i see more) – what you achieve with your camera is really quite remarkable. During the days you were with us you were everywhere and it seemed as though you simply snap away – the outcome is beyond all expectations. You produce more than just photos, you create a story. Love every single one of them – I want to see them all! Again, THANK YOU…

I admire your work so much. A pleasure for the senses.

Lucie Mayer-Aull (nee Johnson)

So this is just a teaser is it? My oh my….I am already spellbound with the shots – the magic of the weekend and the vibrancy of our feelings is already so accurately contained just within these few pre-views. I am not sure where I am supposed to sing your praises properly so that everyone can read them…I need quite a lot of space to do so…you should know by now, I’m not short of words…
We have never been so pleased and thrilled with any other decision we’ve ever made than to have you as our photographer. Even before you started working on Thursday night, we knew you were perfect as all our guests thought you were another friend on the journey in – that was the perfect pitch for us and made you invisible in a good way. I had no idea you were there most of the weekend but now I’ve had a little glimpse of your work – you were there all right – you were all over the damn place getting the best insights and special moments which is exactly what we wanted. In my head, the whole weekend and experience was magical and to have you recording it in the vein and mood that we were hoping for is just a gift. These photos will make my memories come true every time I look at them. Thank you so much. You are a true professional and I hope you are appreciated for your talents every day of your working life.
From two very satisfied and smug customers,
Lucie and Max ( Mayer-Aulls)

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