Jewish Wedding Rosewood Hotel, photography by David Pullum Photography

As always it’s a real pleasure to work at The Rosewood Hotel. Personally it is one of my favourite hotels along with The Savoy, and always makes for a spectacular wedding.

Ali was one of Katie and Jonny’s bridesmaids at their wedding at The Landmark Hotel, and whilst we had met before its always great to see past and future couples at wedding. Bridal prep began at the Rosewood Hotel in the bridal suite, a fantastic room, and a very special place to begin the day. Ali was joined by her sisters and nieces and also her mother Beverly. Bridal preparation for me has always been a time to get to know the other members of the family and for them to understand and experience how I work.

Firstly, unlike a lot of photographers, I don’t set anything up. It’s very important to me and to the way I believe a wedding photographer should conduct themselves at this time of the day that nothing is set up, that I never ask the bride to do something again because I missed it. It also enable the bride, in this case Ali, to experience my style of photography. My photography is very personal to the couple, alot of the images I take are taken in front of the subject, Why? Because that is the only way to show someones personality and to feel that personality through the image. I am in the very privileged position of being allowed to stand wherever I want, and so because I am afforded this why would I choose to stand where a guest is only allowed. So I take full advantage of this privilege and make the most of it. Of course that then means that you have to have a personality that the couple and their families can put up with for the whole day…. Silly as that sounds, that is just another very important part of my job. Who wants someone they feel uncomfortable with spending the whole day with them? Certainly not me.

Perception is that photography, especially wedding photography is easy, yes it if if all you do is hide from your clients and shoot and do no interact with people. If you just shoot images apply a filter and then send them to the client without any care, then yes it is easy because there is no personal element to the work at all. We take great pride in the shooting of the wedding, the editing and delivery of the product, it’s what I hope sets us apart from the masses. Clients like Ali and Luke buy into this concept. Thankfully they buy into me and what we do and produce and for that we are truly honoured and grateful. We have spent nearly 15 years perfecting what we do, of course I am always learning the art of photography, but it’s important to us that the final image has the time effort and expertise we have gained applied to it.

So back to Ali and Luke. A touching ceremony was followed by a huge party, thanks to The Creation Showband and Uptown Events, who kept the party in full flow all the way to 1.00am. Being able to keep the dancefloor rocking for that amount of time is a real art, and Simon and his band Creation always manage to do that. There is very little downtime for us when we work as the guests are always up on the dancefloor, even during courses.

Thank you to both the Barnett and Goldsmith family, to Ali and Luke especially, for making us feel so much a part of their wedding. Huge congratulations to both of you.


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