Jewish Wedding Langham Hotel by David Pullum a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing weddings.

Charlotte contacted me as I photographed her cousin Hannah’s destination wedding in the south of France last year. She had a few dates that they were looking at but settled for late March at The Langham Hotel London. The Langham Hotel is a beautiful venue and I had had the pleasure of photographing quite a few weddings there over the years.

The celebrations started on the Thursday before the wedding when I photographed the couples Henna party at Rodney’s parents house. Its always an advantage to photograph an event before the big day as you get to know who the most important members of the family are.

Sunday arrived and again it was great to work with Denee Motion for the second week running, and Creation Showband. Working with like minded vendors who I have now known for nearly 10 years really makes the day easier, especially with Denee Motion. Sometimes there can be confusion with videographers about where they stand and getting in each others way, but these guys are really great and we never have those problems.

One of my personal highlights was their first dance, Charlotte had told me that they were just doing an “organised shuffle”, but far from it. Instead their organised shuffle turned into what looked liked a choreographed routine, taking me somewhat by surprise.

This was my third weddings with the Sony A9’s, they really have changed the way I now photograph weddings, the cameras are light, the lenses are small and it enables me to shoot images that I really could not have done in the past. The pace of change with modern day cameras can be overwhelming, having completely simplified my A9’s I have a camera that is probably the best I have had in 15 years.

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