Intercontinental Hotel Wedding London by David Pullum a London Wedding photographer with over 15 years experience in photographing weddings across the country

What an absolute pleasure it was to be present at the wedding of Jess and Avi. I met both of them some months ago and it was great to see them again on this very special day. The wedding and reception took place at the Intercontinental, Jess prepared for the wedding at the hotel whilst Avi was at his parents house. The ceremony itself was full of laughter and emotion, especially during the blessings.

The weather over the past week has been arctic in the UK and whilst we attempted to photograph Jess and Avi outside, we all lasted about 5 minutes before the extent of the cold weather got to us all. With 300 people at the reception the dancing was of course crazy. You have to admire the guests who danced all night and enjoyed themselves until very late in the evening.

Huge thanks go to Jess and Avi, their parents and family for making us all feel so welcome. For allowing us to photograph their wedding as it unfolded. I have said it many times before on my blog posts, but a wedding day is so special to the couple and their families. It needs to be photographed compassionately and with the utmost respect. I don’t believe in constantly directing the couple during the day, it is imperative that they enjoy their wedding, the photographs we take will of course reflect that and for me there is no need to interrupt the flow of the day, an experienced photographer should know where to be and when to take the photograph.




Thank you Sandy, and you too

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