David was the first person I called when I got engaged as I was so determined to make sure he would keep his diary free for our wedding day.
I met David at one of my best friends' wedding, when I was a bridesmaid and it was the instant connection I had with him that made me know he would be the right photographer for me for when my day would arrive. He has a very specific style, but I loved his confidence and expertise - he knows exactly what works in every setting. He has a fun sense of humour, which makes him a pleasure to work with. 
From the day I first called him, to the day he first came over to have an initial meeting - I instantly knew I didn't have to worry - it was like he took a huge part of the wedding stress off my shoulders because I knew I could trust him implicitly...
Receiving our first photographs shortly after the wedding brought tears to our eyes as David captured so many of our special moments so perfectly. The images still take us back every time we look at them.


Boooooom!!! Your photos are amazing!!! I love your style!! It’s so cool how you tell a story from a single image!!! You’re creative style is sooooo cool. You can see just from all the different angles and shots how hard you must have been working to get all the different stories!!! Fabulous!!! Fabulous big time !! Well done David!!! We love them!!

Michael Marsland

You are an amazing photographer! I cannot believe how good the pictures look. I cannot stop looking at them. I’ll tell all the brides of Santorini fo fly you out on the Facebook group. Thank you so much for your wonderful job Xxxxx

Aline Padilha Oliveira


David is instantly warm and personal. He genuinely shared in our excitement.  He put us at ease about the logistical aspects of the day and concentrated on the story we wanted to tell and how best to tell it.

David showed us two set of pictures from weddings he had recently shot.  His artistry was instantly apparent.  There was nothing canned or conventional about his work.  He captured the emotion of the people involved and the mood and feel of the setting.  He was creative in his use of distance and perspective.  He shot from unusual angles and brilliantly captured the spirit of the moment. 
David was also incredibly respectful of our privacy and space, never encroaching. He works in the subtlest of ways and yet still gets the killer shot. 


We'd seen a few styles of photography from various weddings of our friends and family, but none of the pictures felt completely authentic or natural. When it came to finding a photographer for our wedding, from browsing online and in album mock-ups it didn't seem like many photographers wanted to capture the small moments that make each event unique - it was more about the staging, lighting and positioning. As neither of us particularly love being centre of attention, it was a little daunting!
We did a fair bit of research online before we found David's website, and were immediately impressed (I work in digital media, so a nicely presented site will always catch my eye). His shots of couples and the chuppah ceremony particularly attracted us, as they all looked totally effortless and natural - how you would hope to feel on your wedding day. David asked to meet us to discuss how we wanted to be photographed and to talk through the logistics of the day, and when we met, he was so lovely and relaxed, that we were totally relaxed too.


We realised during the planning of our wedding that there are so many options – for everything! We spent about a month contacting various photographers, however we weren’t really happy with anyone we spoke to.
After a few weeks of no luck, I got a phone call from my mum saying had seen David Pullum mentioned as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the UK and to look at his website. Once we saw his work we knew we wanted him to photograph our wedding and had our fingers crossed that he was free.

Our album is absolutely breath-taking! I show it to everyone who comes to our house.  David and Anita made this whole process as stress-free as possible and were so lovely to work with.


We immediately liked David’s straight-forward no nonsense approach as well as his beautifully creative and tasteful photos of course!  When David told us he always aims to be discrete when taking sensitive photos such during the ceremony, that’s when we knew he was the right guy for us. His wealth of experience with Jewish weddings also appealed to us as it is difficult to capture all the right moments if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of the Chuppah, Jewish dancing etc
We were over the moon with our photos. Our event was particularly large and complex but David managed to magically capture all the right moments. So many friends who’ve been married recently said they weren’t pleased with their photos so we feel very lucky that we had such a great photographer who understood our needs, and the feedback we have received from friends and family has been fantastic.


We initially met with a photographer, which we clashed with. Finding a photographer is not just about the price, or even the photos, it is also about getting on with them. Your photographer spends the whole day with you, in very close proximity so it is crucial the dynamics are right.

When David came round to our home, we knew straight away he was the right photographer, from seeing his previous work, to assessing how he works with his clients and the wedding day. Unlike others, he was not cheesy, in your face or part of the kleeky jewish group of wedding crowds. David is honest, to the point, a very down to earth straight forward guy that wanted the best for us, what works with us, but also what would look good. A excellent combination.
Nothing was too much of a hassle.

You know the photos are special, when you input them onto instagram, the filters, which usually make the photos better, make them worse!! They are moulded perfectly, capture the moments and make you relive the wedding day, everyday