About David Pullum

Welcome to my website, my name is David Pullum, 19 years ago I left London where I had been working in various banks since I was 16. I got into my car with all my possessions and headed west. Cornwall was my destination and I had dreams of living and working by the sea for the rest of my life. Instead I stopped off at Exeter services on the M5 and never got to Cornwall. I started working for Reuters, the news agency, and this is where my love of photography began. After a few years with them I set up my own wedding photography business and since that day I’ve been lucky to photograph all over the world and my sole income is now from photographing people.

I say I’m a people photographer because thats what I think I am, it just so happens that those people that I photograph are all at weddings. We are all different, we all have our own unique personalities and its my sole aim to reflect those people, with their individual personalities in my pictures, and at the same time provide them with something a bit different, that stands out from the masses and shows the fun and emotion of your wedding day. I want the viewer of your wedding photographs to feel like they were part of the wedding, even if they were not there. I want them to feel that they can reach out and touch you, the photographs are that intimate.

I still live in Devon with my wife Anita and my 2 children Max and Dillon. We have been married for 13 years and one of my biggest regrets in life was not hiring a professional photographer for our wedding. Instead we hired a friend and to this day we do not have a single framed photograph from our wedding. Max and Dillon are the best things that have happened to us both. Dillon is my stepson, although I think of him as my son, he recently left University and is now working as a designer for a stationary company. Max is the cheeky 12 year old you see on the right. My “mini me” and my life, everything I do is for him. Anita is the backbone of our family, she does everything from designing wedding albums to being the full time mum. The business is successful because of her hard work and input.

David Pullum