Family formals.

Family formal wedding photographs are just about the most important photographs that I take at a wedding. They are a document of your nearest and dearest, they are the photographs you will look at when god forbid your nearest and dearest are no longer with us. Timeless and special and so important that they are done properly. Of course they can be fun or serious either way they are still the document that needs to be kept safe. I normally allow between 15-40 minutes on the family group shots. There is no limit to the number I will photograph at your wedding. Your family maybe huge, or like mine quite small. The largest number of family photographs I have taken at a wedding was 65, the lowest was meant to be zero, but I managed to convince them to have 3. If your parents want just one photograph to frame from your wedding it will more than like be the one of the two of you and them, so lets do it justice, let’s make it stand out on the mantelpiece and put all the others that have been taken with a phone to shame.

All my clients provide me with a list of their chosen requirements about 1 week before their wedding day, and all I ask is that a member of each family, that knows the people required for the photograph, is there to help me find them. Once we have them trapped in a room, or at the side of the venue I can get on with taking them, making it as painless as possible.

If you are looking to hire me to photograph your wedding I’d love to speak to you, so please do feel free to contact me via the link.


Hi, Im looking to book a family photo shoot as a gift for my mothers 70th birthdaY. Would lIke it to be at the beach or woOds?15 people inc kids, would love natural shots.
As its her actual birthday This weekend, would it be possible to have a voucher to give her Now and arrange the shot at a later date when its good for everyone. Could you give me a price for the shoot and and cost of prints or full usb after,
Thank you


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