Weddings at Fairyhill Gower

How did they find me?

Emma and Dave are both doctors, and decided to have their wedding close to where Emma’s parents live, in a beautiful part of Wales near the Gower Peninsula. When I asked Emma how she found out about me she said that she had performed an extensive and exhaustive search on google looking for a photographer that did not overly pose people, but instead photographed people well. Not just photographing anything, but really photographing the person instead of just the event. As soon as she saw my images she emailed me and we started communicating. She then booked and we met a few weeks before her wedding to run through all the finer details.

Photographing people and being honourable towards your client is very important at a wedding, it’s a one off private event, with the emphasis on private. I despair when I see instagram or Facebook images of a wedding, the decor, the details on the day of the wedding. Normally posted before the bride or groom have even seen them, it’s a shame that the excitement of the wedding day is tarnished somewhat by the frenzy of social media, and the desire to post and boast.

To have a ‘no phones’ policy at a wedding is becoming much more popular, with bride and grooms not wanting the traditional walk down the aisle to be obscured by ipads and phones. I will never post images of a wedding that my couple have not approved first, and if my couple do not want any images on social media at all that’s fine too. After all its their wedding and I must respect that.

For more information on how I work at a wedding or my pricing please do feel free to contact me, I can’t wait to hear from you.




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