Are you fed up of the studio styled family photographs? Family photography does not need to be like that. Why not invest in natural photography, capturing a day in your families life. Whether that be a day at home playing in the garden or a trip to the zoo. These sessions capture on camera images that you as parents don’t see, or if you do you don’t have a camera at hand to capture them and then frame them.

Our children grow up all too quickly. It felt like just yesterday that my youngest Max was born, last week he turned 13, and I wonder where the time has gone. Even as a photographer though I have still not managed to get as many pictures of Max as I would like, and certainly not enough with me and none at all of how he is with me.

Your children behave differently for you in front of a camera than they would do with me photographing them with you. I will  see things that maybe you don’t and be there to take those timeless photographs for you and document just one day of many special days in your lives.

These sessions have proved to be invaluable to my clients. All too many of our family photographs are kept on a phone, never to see the light of day let alone printed or placed on a wall. Before we can blink our children have turned into teenagers, left school, started university and left home. That time goes far too quickly. These family sessions will be an everlasting memory not only to you, but also to them

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