Fairyhill Gower wedding of Emma and Dave by David Pullum

Who has their wedding on World Cup Final day? Who even thought that England would get beyond the last 16? Not many, which is why a whole host of weddings took place last weekend. Emma and Dave’s wedding was also in Wales, where it has to be said there probably isn’t a lot of interest in how England do in the World Cup. Luckily for Emma and Dave most, if not all of the match took place during the drinks reception, so the wedding was not compromised in any way whatsoever, and what a great wedding it was too.

Apparently, I have been to Gower for a holiday when I was 6, as my mother told me a while back as if I should have remembered. Its an incredibly beautiful part of Wales, with stunning coastline and moorland. The wedding itself took place in the same church that Dave’s parents and grandparents were married in. Set in the middle of nowhere, and difficult to get to, this tiny church seats just 90 people and is steeped in history. The link to Gower is actually on Emma’s side, her parents live there and so both Dave and Emma visit regularly and decided that even though they live in Birmingham, Gower was where they were going to get married.

The reception was at the idyllic Fairyhill Hotel about 15 minutes drive from the church. On the way we stopped off for some couple shots on the moorland and were greeted by a herd of cows and horses. I have a huge phobia of cows and Dave has one on horses, but we both manned up and headed along the path to take some pictures.

Once the football was over the wedding breakfast was called. Great speeches by Emma’s father , Dave and his 2 best men proceeded the dancing which went on long into the night.

Thanks to Emma and Dave, for allowing me to have absolute free reign on their wedding day, apart from a few group shots there were no demands at all. I knew we would get on famously as soon as I met them and it was a real honour to be part of their special day.


Love the slideshow idea of showing the images from the day. The one with the bride at the front of the altar is an excellent capture!

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