Elopement weddings in Devon , a post by Devon wedding photographer David Pullum

With over 15 years of photographing weddings in Devon as well as the whole of the UK and Europe, I have photographed around 20 elopement weddings. From my first elopement wedding at Bovey Castle back in 2004 to my most recent in Paris in 2017. Elopement weddings are very intimate affairs. Sometimes they consist of just the couple and others can consist of between 4 and 6 and of course more, but the most I have photographed at an elopement wedding were 6.

The most important aspect from a wedding photographers view is that you have connection with the couple, otherwise the job becomes very difficult. Connection can be gained in a number of ways, when I photographed an american couple in Paris we skyped 2 or 3 times before they actually booked me. Danny and Diana were looking to spend 2 whole days with me, from the engagement shoot the day before the wedding to the wedding in Paris the following day. With two days of photographing relative strangers it’s really important they they felt comfortable in my company and vice-versa. In fact we formed such a connection that we are still friends with them some 10 years later.

There are quite a few wedding venues in Devon that specialise in elopement weddings. Devon is the perfect county for an elopement wedding, many of the venues that specialise in these have special packages and rates for elopement weddings and most of the venues offer these rates after September and through the winter.

As a wedding photographer who photographs elopement weddings I also have special midweek rates for wedding that have less than 20 guests. For more information on my elopement wedding packages please do feel free to call or email me.

To view more of my work follow the elopement weddings devon link.


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