Devon Wedding Photographer

I have been a Devon wedding photographer for the last 14 years, having photographed well over 500 weddings, both in Devon, Cornwall, most of the UK, Europe and America. As a wedding photographer in Devon I have had the great pleasure of photographing weddings at many of Devon best and most well known wedding venues. Devon has an array of outstanding wedding venues, from Bovey Castle to The Great Barn every venue is unique and produces wonderful memories for couples who get married.

I am based in Exeter and work and travel throughout the UK and Europe, however my main focus has always been Devon, it’s where we live and where we call home. I started photographing wedding in Devon in 2004. Back then there were not as many photographers operating in Devon as there are now. My training was tough, a whole year learning the art of photography and then shadowing more experienced wedding photographers for the next 6 months. That training gave me the essentials I needed to become successful in my chosen field. Further training and mentoring over the years has provided me with a portfolio that includes many award winning images, but most of all has provided my clients with memories that will last a lifetime.

As a Devon Wedding Photographer I have been lucky enough to photograph the weddings of James Corden, Joe Hart and Darren Bent, as well as private parties for some of the UK’s best known celebrities.

My style is quite simple. I let the day unfold with no direction from me at all. I am there to photograph my clients wedding, not stage it or manufacture it. My wedding photographs are very personal to my clients, they show my clients personalities and emotions, they are not by any means distant photographs taken from the side or from far away with a long lens, they are up close and personal photographs of the day. As a wedding photographer I am afforded the luxury of being allowed places that guests are not, and so it is my job to take advantage of that and produce wedding images that guests can not.

Please do feel free to browse my portfolio of wedding images here . Alternatively please feel free to contact me using the webform.