Bicester Heritage Jewish Wedding by David Pullum

Where to start. Well I guess a wedding in an aircraft hangar for starters, followed by the biggest Chuppah I have ever seen, vintage cars a carousel, and 450 guests. That just about sums it up in a sentence. It must go down as one of the largest weddings I have photographed. Upon entering the aircraft hanger I just thought, how on earth are they going to arrange a wedding in here, but they did and what a wedding it was.

The idea for having a wedding in the aircraft hangar came from Xander’s love of vintage cars, Bicester Heritage seems to be the mecca for vintage cars, and his love of flying. Not content with having the wedding in the hangar Xander also flew in and arrived at his wedding by plane. Shier, the beautiful bride was a little more modest and arrived by vintage Rolls. So that was the start of a great day.

The chuppah. I really don’t know where to start with this, I don’t think in 15 years I have ever stood under anything so large, a feat of pure genius from Amie Bone and the centre piece of this magnificent wedding. Then there was the carousel, which the guests and Bride and groom used, and the vintage cars, some 6-8 of them parked around the venue for people to admire.

All in all a day to remember, especially from a photographic point of view, so much to shoot in what at times were difficult lighting situations.

Thank you to Shier and Xander for the lovely kind words

” Thank you again for the gorgeous photos and slideshow of the wedding which we shall cherish forever! Would highly recommend your services to anyone needing an event photographer, you and your team were an absolute pleasure to work with on the day “

Flowers: Amy Bone

Wedding Planner : Jess Lampert

Band : Muzika

Videographer : At Motion

David Pullum has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2018


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