Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort by David Pullum

Google “Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort” and you will get a whole host of wedding photographers websites which can be very daunting. so who is the “Best Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort”. The answer is simple, no-one is better than anyone else, that question is purely subjective. My style of photography is to keep it real, to get the emotions of the day. That is recognised as the hardest form of wedding photography, as it requires a high degree of skill and patience, or learning and training. Together with that skill I have worked hard on my portraits to generate what I feel is a balanced mix of emotions from the day and great wedding portraits of the bride and groom.

It’s been a journey of 15 years, constantly evolving, continually learning. I photographed my first wedding at Polhawn Fort back in 2005 and was immediately struck by its beauty and how dark it was inside. Back in those days cameras were not as light sensitive as they are today and so I found my grounding very quickly, pushing the cameras I had to the limit. Of course that stood me in great stead for the cameras we have today, that can basically shoot in the dark, but what I gained was a sense of timing, light and composition, everything that I still practice today.

This year we are 15 years in the wedding photography business. To celebrate we are offering all potential bride and grooms 15% off our wedding photography packages if you are getting married in the South West. If you qualify or know someone who is getting married in 2019 please do feel free to share this post.


To view more wedding photographs from Polhawn Fort please visit my blog or the venue page for Polhawn Fort. For more examples of my wedding photographs please visit my galleries or for more weddings in Devon follow the link


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