Best Wedding Photographer Devon, a post by David Pullum, a wedding photographer with 15 years experience of photographing weddings in Devon who has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2019

I have lived in Devon for almost 20 years, having moved from London in 1999. I set up my wedding photography business in late 2003 with my first ever wedding in Devon at St Audries Park a few months later. I went on to photograph over 60 weddings at St Audries Park within just 2 years and built up a reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in Devon.

Devon has many great wedding venues, as do the surrounding villages and towns, one of my favourites being Bickleigh Castle where I first photographed a wedding in 2005.

Hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding is not just about typing into Google ” best wedding photographer in Devon” and then hiring the company at the top of the rankings. A wedding photographer will be with you at your wedding for sometimes just 4 hours but more likely 8 hours. You have to trust this person, you have to like them, have something in common with them and most of all like their work.

Personality is a big part of my job, people like my images, but just as much as that they tend to like me and trust me to photograph their wedding with compassion. I have photographed all sorts of weddings over the last 15 years. One where one of the parents is terminally ill and will not live very long after the wedding. To photograph that scenario is tough and to do it justice takes experience, knowledge and a lot of understanding.

It’s easy to photograph a wedding on a reasonably warm day where everyone is happy, that”s the fun part of the job, and that tends to be in the summer. The difficulty arises when it”s winter, there is no light, it”s dark at 3.30pm and sometimes the ceremony is not even until 4.00pm. Then you need skill, very good camera equipment, an understanding of light, both natural and artificial. So it was with great pride that I was nominated on of the best winter wedding photographers in the UK 3 years running.

Winter weddings can be difficult, very difficult. I have photographed weddings in marquees in the depth of winter where the theme was a nightclub, all the floors and walls were black, the only light coming from candles on the table. I walked in and immediately tripped over the step as I couldn’t see it. I then spent the next 8 hours working my socks off looking for light and creating light.

From elopements of just 2 people at Bovey Castle to grand marquees with over 300 people Devon has provided me with some of my best weddings in the years that I have been a wedding photographer.

Devon has so many spectacular venues, most of which will appear in the list of best wedding venues that is released every year, along with the best wedding photographers in the UK, which I have been lucky to have been listed in the last 3 years.

Being the best wedding photographer in Devon of course is very subjective. To be the best in my mind means that you provide consistently good images at every single wedding that I photograph. In my job you cant afford to have an off day. An off day means that you don’t get the best wedding photographs you are capable of. An off day means that the bride and groom don’t get the best photographs. Wedding photography is not easy. Experience is a major part of the job. Having a years experience will not mean consistently great photographs, you may get 20, but in a collection of 400 thats just 5% that are good.

I guarantee all my clients that I will give them the best of me and the best wedding photographs I can. If you would like more information please do feel free to contact me using the form on the website.

If you are reading this post and are thinking about choosing your wedding photographer I hope this has helped.

I photograph weddings all over the country and occasionally all over the world, however special discounts are available for clients that live in Devon, for more information please feel free to mail me through the contact page. To view more of my work please go to my galleries page, and to view more devon weddings click the link.


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