Best same sex wedding photographer a post by David Pullum who has recently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in UK 2019. I have been described by many as the best same sex Wedding photographer, and it’s a real honour that my peers have expressed that view.

I have photographed well in excess of 600 wedding now, with the majority of them being in London and the South East.

I was one of the first wedding photographers on 21st December 2005 to photograph a same sex civil partnership. From that day I have embraced same sex partnerships and since 2014 have photographed numerous same sex weddings.

The UK has so many spectacular venues for weddings, most of which will appear in the list of best wedding venues that is released every year, along with the best wedding photographers in the UK, which I have been lucky to have been listed in the last 3 years.

Being one of the best same sex wedding photographers of course is very subjective. To be the best in my mind means that you provide consistently good images at every single wedding that I photograph. In my job you cant afford to have an off day. An off day means that you don’t get the best wedding photographs you are capable of. An off day means that the bride and groom don’t get the best photographs. Wedding photography is not easy.

Experience is a major part of the job. Having a years experience will not mean consistently great photographs, you may get 20, but in a collection of 400 thats just 5% that are good.

I guarantee all my same sex wedding clients that I will give them the best of me and the best wedding photographs I can. If you would like more information please do feel free to contact me using the form on the website.


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