I have always felt that one of the hardest jobs is to photograph another wedding photographers wedding. The pressure is slightly higher than other weddings as the client will have a slightly more critical eye than most others. Daren has been on my mentorship course and so I have known him for some time now, and whilst i was overwhelmed to be asked to photograph his and Anouska’s wedding I was also slightly hesitant.

The wedding itself was a small intimate wedding at a church near to where the couple live with a meal at a restaurant in London City followed by the evening reception at a bar also in London. I love the feel of smaller weddings, as a photographer that interacts a lot with my clients and their guests I find that smaller weddings really enable me to get to know people more and therefore am able to provide more intimate photographs.

Anouska and Daren are clearly made for each other, their chemistry is obvious to everyone and the images I managed to get certainly reflect that. The whole day was a pleasure to photograph and I was honoured to not only be asked, but also to witness.


These are wonderful David.

We’re both absolutely delighted with them and we can’t stop viewing them over and over again.

We are truly grateful.

Thank you for beautifully capturing every moment of our special day.

So many true and emotional photos. Some great captures. I’m sure the photographer client will be very happy. I would 😉

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