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So another year over with regard to workshops. 2 more workshops were held t my office this year, the first for 5 people and the second where 10 photographers attended. Both workshops are over 2 days of intense learning. Both evenings finished around midnight, and started at 9.00am so they are long days that cover everything necessary to take your images and business to the next level. The reason I started doing workshops because I believed the workshops being offered at the time, were a waste of time and money. Courses that lasted just a few hours and cost peanuts just did not cut it with me. Likewise workshops where the instructor shoots loads and images and shows you the back of the camera and says ” there you go, thats how you do it” also appear a waste of time.

Wedding Photography, if done properly is a full time business, and like any other business you need to invest in it. The best person to invest in is YOU.

Of course there are a tonne of workshops out there, but the best ones are run by experienced photographers who have been around for a while and know what they are talking about , and have the images to back that up with. The problem with attending a workshop not run by someone with experience is that you are receiving diluted information, and after a while the quality and standard of your photography and those who attended also becomes diluted.

I’m passionate about wedding photography and I want the general standard of wedding photography in the UK to increase, that way the general public value photography more and wedding photography becomes a more respected business.

So yes my course is expensive, but well worth it, after all “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW”

Below is some of the feedback received from this years attendees. For more information on next years workshops please contact me. I’m looking into the possibility of running them on a more frequent basis across the UK and who knows maybe even Europe.

Dhiren Dave
David’s vision, passion and knowledge in the world of wedding photography are second to none and that’s why I chose to attend David’s workshop again in March 2012. The workshop was an intense learning experience but with David’s enthusiastic approach, he makes it easy to understand the topics and techniques being covered. He was able to provide the theory, as well as being able to back this up by showing us the technique in his stunning work. The critique sessions were also a very important part of the workshop. David reviewed our images in depth and provided feedback on how we could make improvements, through his own experience and by using some of the techniques covered during the earlier part of the workshop. It was an invaluable learning experience and very highly recommended!

Kind regards,

Beena | Kumi Photography

I first attended David’s Workshop in March 2011 and it was by far one of the best experiences in my photography career. I had no doubt I would sign up again, and so I did this year in March 2012.
I would strongly recommend David’s workshop to anyone who is looking to challenge his or her own way of shooting. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I work now and the nature in which I see my compositions and the story telling aspect of shooting a wedding.
David is extremely passionate about his work and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Sign up to his workshop if you want your work to improve and it WILL!!

Sheraz Kwaja
I found David’s workshop to be productive and insightful. Having been a fan of David’s work for a long while it was nice to learn about his approach when photographing a wedding. I picked up invaluable advice on a number of topics including composition, new equipment and the running of a photography business. The worshop has definitely been an eye opener for me and am looking forward to putting all I have learnt into practice.
Thanks David!

Jamie Bott
David’s course was the most invaluable learning experience I have had since finishing my degree course nearly ten years ago. No question was out of bounds and though the critique was quite an intense experience, working on my own it’s not always easy to remain subjective and self critical. Though I get some lovely letters from happy clients I’ve been desperate for someone to look at where I was going wrong and where I could improve my work and my business. I can’t recommend this course highly enough if you are serious about developing your Photography and your Business, it’s the best investment I’ve made for a long time!
Back into the Weddings this weekend and looking forward to applying some of the many things I learnt during the two days we spent with you.

Apresh Chavda
“Thank you David. Your workshop was an exceptional learning experience.
For those attending Davids next workshop – you will not be disappointed. For those considering David’s workshops- book early to avoid disappointment!!!”

Barbara Di Cretico
Dear David,
you were a teacher tireless and generous . We worked hard for hours, without time limits. To look at my pictures with your eyes was a vision. To say you’re a wedding photographer is an understatement. Your works tell the British society, and not only, as only a great photographer is capable of.
Thanks David
Barbara Di Cretico

David Pullum

David Pullum

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  1. Paul Donovan

    Its a huge regret that I didn’t manage to book your course David but I will be waiting patiently for future dates to be announced.

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    Lovely, lovely work … inspiring