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Wedding at Claridges | Chantal and Tom

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Any wedding at Claridges is a pleasure to photograph. Claridges is a world renowned hotel in Mayfair, London. The subject of a revealing BBC documentary a few years back that provided an amazing insight to one of the UK’s best hotels. A documentary where the lift operator became more famous than the hotel itself…

Chantal and Tom live in America, I met Chantal’s parents, Stephen and Candy, twice before the wedding. They were in the process of completely renovating their home in Stanmore and were renting nearby. Our initial meeting was great, I even left with Candy’s recipe for chicken soup.

My coverage was over 2 days. Due to the fact that a lot of Tom’s family were coming from America for the wedding , The Kaye’s held a Friday night dinner for both families and I had the pleasure of being there to photograph the night. Its always a huge bonus for me to meet family prior to the wedding, whether that be at meetings, or occasions such as a Friday night dinner. Normally I meet parents and close family on the day of the wedding, and its sometime very difficult to differentiate between close family and those that are friends, or friends of friends, so to meet all of the close family on both sides was fantastic preparation for the wedding.

Chantal prepared for her wedding from home, and made her way to her wedding at Claridges in a marvelous vintage car. There is nothing quite as timeless as arriving for your wedding at one of London’s premier hotels in the most amazing vintage car.

A very moving bedekken ceremony was followed by the ceremony and on to the reception in the ballroom. All in all it was a fabulous couple of days photographing such welcoming families. Thanks to both families for making us both feel so welcome and Ruby J Events making sure everything went perfectly on the day.


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Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Wedding Photographer Polhawn Fort by David Pullum

Once again on my quest to rejuvenate my site I came across this image from Polhawn Fort. Tracey and Andrew married at Polhawn Fort in 2013. Polhawn Fort is probably one of the hardest venues I have photographed a wedding at. I have photographed some 40-50 weddings there and everytime the light is different. Inside the Fort the walls are brick red, the windows are tiny and so finding light is tough, using external lighting is tough as well as there are only red brick walls to bounce it of. In the winter the difficulty is magnified as there is no light from 4.30pm onwards. To take good wedding photographs there is difficult to say the least, of course you can just throw a load of flash at it but then the ambience of the Fort disappears.

There is also a beautiful private beach at Polhawn Fort that the couples can access. This image was captured as Andrew helped Tracey across a tricky part of the rocks. I love the way Andrew is offering his hand to help Tracey and from a nerdy photographers point of view its a moment because they have not touched hands as yet. Once they touch hands the moment has gone. I know that sounds crazy, but its true, the image is based on the tension of Andrew helping Tracey, once he has her secure that moment has gone forever. Its tiny if not miniscule details that I look for at every wedding to create and provide my clients with the best wedding photographs I possibly can

To view more wedding photographs from Polhawn Fort please visit my blog or the venue page for Polhawn Fort. For more example of my wedding photographs please visit my galleries.

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Wedding Photographer St Audries Park

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Wedding Photographer St Audries Park: Mel and Oliver’s trampoline.

I have photographed in excess of 50 weddings at St Audries Park and whilst I have recently been refreshing my website with images I came across this image from one of the weddings I photographed at St Audries Park.

The image was from Mel and Oliver’s wedding at St Audries Park back in 2008, almost 10 years ago. Of course time has flown since then, but this image, to me, has not dated at all. I had been photographing wedding for just about 4 years then, and this was a first for me, a trampoline at a wedding. Oliver was a trampoline instructor, as well as a very good trampolinist, and so during the drinks reception guests could use the trampoline and I had the task of trying to photograph them.

Of course I’m not a sports photographer, thats a different skill altogether, and so after failing to get an images in focus I decided to trying and pre focus on a point and wait. That’s also easier said and done, but after I reviewed all the images of the trampoline session this one stood out a mile.

I personally love the composition of the image with the legs at the top of the image, the guests looking up at him and of course all of this set to a backdrop of the wonderful wedding venue St Audries Park. The wedding picture also highlights what I personally believe in with regard to wedding photography and that is that wedding photographs need to be different to stand out from the masses. There are hundreds if not thousands of wedding photographers in the UK, and what distinguishes each one is their style. The original post for this wedding at St Audries Park is here . To see more of my work please feel free to browse my website.

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Jewish Wedding Rosewood Hotel | Ali and Luke

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Jewish Wedding Rosewood Hotel, photography by David Pullum Photography

As always it’s a real pleasure to work at The Rosewood Hotel. Personally it is one of my favourite hotels along with The Savoy, and always makes for a spectacular wedding.

Ali was one of Katie and Jonny’s bridesmaids at their wedding at The Landmark Hotel, and whilst we had met before its always great to see past and future couples at wedding. Bridal prep began at the Rosewood Hotel in the bridal suite, a fantastic room, and a very special place to begin the day. Ali was joined by her sisters and nieces and also her mother Beverly. Bridal preparation for me has always been a time to get to know the other members of the family and for them to understand and experience how I work.

Firstly, unlike a lot of photographers, I don’t set anything up. It’s very important to me and to the way I believe a wedding photographer should conduct themselves at this time of the day that nothing is set up, that I never ask the bride to do something again because I missed it. It also enable the bride, in this case Ali, to experience my style of photography. My photography is very personal to the couple, alot of the images I take are taken in front of the subject, Why? Because that is the only way to show someones personality and to feel that personality through the image. I am in the very privileged position of being allowed to stand wherever I want, and so because I am afforded this why would I choose to stand where a guest is only allowed. So I take full advantage of this privilege and make the most of it. Of course that then means that you have to have a personality that the couple and their families can put up with for the whole day…. Silly as that sounds, that is just another very important part of my job. Who wants someone they feel uncomfortable with spending the whole day with them? Certainly not me.

Perception is that photography, especially wedding photography is easy, yes it if if all you do is hide from your clients and shoot and do no interact with people. If you just shoot images apply a filter and then send them to the client without any care, then yes it is easy because there is no personal element to the work at all. We take great pride in the shooting of the wedding, the editing and delivery of the product, it’s what I hope sets us apart from the masses. Clients like Ali and Luke buy into this concept. Thankfully they buy into me and what we do and produce and for that we are truly honoured and grateful. We have spent nearly 15 years perfecting what we do, of course I am always learning the art of photography, but it’s important to us that the final image has the time effort and expertise we have gained applied to it.

So back to Ali and Luke. A touching ceremony was followed by a huge party, thanks to The Creation Showband and Uptown Events, who kept the party in full flow all the way to 1.00am. Being able to keep the dancefloor rocking for that amount of time is a real art, and Simon and his band Creation always manage to do that. There is very little downtime for us when we work as the guests are always up on the dancefloor, even during courses.

Thank you to both the Barnett and Goldsmith family, to Ali and Luke especially, for making us feel so much a part of their wedding. Huge congratulations to both of you.

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Landmark Hotel Wedding | Katie and Jonny

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Landmark Hotel Wedding as photographed by David Pullum

Dont ever lose your keys at a wedding……After 14 years of shooting wedding, just over 600 in total, I haven’t ever misplaced anything at a wedding. Well my time was up at Katie and Jonny’s wedding as I left my car keys in the synagogue and didn’t realise until the wedding ended that I hadn’t got them. A few mad panics, a late hotel room booking, and a quick dash to the synagogue at 8.30am the following morning and I managed to get my keys and avoid a huge parking fine, and finally head home.

So, what of the wedding? Katie and Jonny were married at Dennington Park Road Synagogue back in October. It’s a majestic building both inside and out, allowing for great vantage points for pictures during the ceremony. After the ceremony we made our way to The Landmark Hotel for the reception. I have been lucky enough this year to photograph at this hotel a few times and its always a pleasure to return.

The guests were entertained by the fabulous Creation Band, who are fast becoming one of my favourite showbands. They manage to keep the tempo high throughout the night as well interact with the guests at every opportunity.

As for the happy couple, an absolute pleasure to work with. I always find that when I meet the couple before the wedding, whether that be at the initial booking stage or even a few weeks before the dig day, it makes my job so much easier , as it does for them. Being photographed for the whole day can, I imaging, be quite nerve racking, and as I have stressed so many times before, my job is as much people management as it is taking the pictures. You only get great images if your clients allow you to. Invading a couples personal space is a tough job, but if the couple trust you and like you then the skies the limit. I hope Katie and Jonny felt both, their images certainly indicate they did.

Thank you to both families for trusting me, and making me feel so very welcome at the wedding.

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